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Fabric selection is often not an easy task to accomplish and often can be an overwhelming experience thanks to the endless choice that is available from retailers to online suppliers. On the other hand, if you are knowing what you want it can be a fun endeavor seeking for the right colour, print or texture to match your environment or imagination for that matter.

At Wonder Stitches, we are very proud of the fact that we are flexible with regard to fabric sourcing. Most of our clients prefer to select their own fabric and we are happy for them to do so, in fact sometimes we encourage them. Our passion goes into the ‘making’ of the curtains or blinds and should you wish to provide your own fabric or chose from our range, it really makes no difference to us.

However, we do to offer a range of fabrics for you to browse through should you require some assistance in this area. We are happy to provide you with design advice, consult you on your ideas, and contribute some of our own.

After much thought and consideration, our curtain makers have picked out a select few fabric suppliers that we believe to offer outstanding quality and design at a reasonable ticket. Our collection varies from plain fabrics to stripes and patterns. From cotton to linen, silk and everything else in between. 

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