We recently used Wonder Stitches to remake our bedroom curtains – silk curtains which had perished from the sun…

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Emotions and sentiments are the two things with which a house/office is made. No matter how professional we are, we cannot ignore our basic need to share our feelings. It goes for the various parts of our home and offices too.

At Wonder Stitches we have an edge. We offer our clients freedom to select alteration services, which very few companies offer. The cause of not retaining this service is unknown but we do value the emotions we attach to certain objects, things, or places. Therefore, we have realized that sometimes the customer does not need new cushions, curtains, or beddings. They are just looking for some changes to the existing ones.

Revamping the used curtains is not a huge task. Curtains are a part of a home and carry with them sentimental values that you simply are not ready to part ways with. On the other hand, it is also a wise choice to rather alter your existing curtains than fork out for new ones when budget is concerned.

A full alteration means that your existing curtains are re-fitted to suit new windows. Or simply, you can change the style by using the same fabric. To have a better understanding, look at the few samples given below. Often the curtains would have been too wide, too long, or even too short. Many times, there is the issue of one big single curtain needing to be split into two even pairs. Other times we can restyle the heading of the curtains too. Whatever the best solution is we never shy away from it.

At Wonder Stitches, we are proud to say YES to alteration enquiries. For further info regarding our services, please contact us.

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