For Fitting inside the Window Reveal

  1. Measure the length from the top of the reveal to the sill in several places as your window may not be square, and choose the length that best suits. This is the finished length of your blind.
  2. Measure the width of the reveal at its narrowest point. Subtract 2cm from the reveal width; allowing for a 1cm clearance to each side. This gives your finished width
  3. Choose a mechanism and to which side this will hang.

Tip: Ensure that the blind is far enough away from the window handles to prevent obstruction. You may need to fix the blind to the ceiling of the reveal.

how to measure curtains 2

how to measure curtains 2

For Fitting outside the Window Reveal

  1. Decide on your preferred blind position. The top of the blind usually looks best at 10cm above the reveal. For the hem position, blinds usually fall 5-15cm below the sill (or to the sill if the sill projects).
  2. Measure the length between the top of the blind and the hem position. This is the finished length (measure in several places to find the length that best suits).
    Measure the reveal width. Now decide how much the blind is to overhang beyond the reveal and add this to your reveal width (usually at least 5cm to each side, check for obstructions). This gives your finished width.
  3. Choose a mechanism and to which side this will hang.

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